Credits for main photos used in this Layout: Houmei by Psychoticsmiley, Vocaloid Kitty photo by Mindfall, Edea and Seifer photo by Kevin Chan. Shop icon created by Tanya.


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Welcome to This is the personal domain of Pixiekitty and Neon Genocide. We are cosplayers that lead a happy, nerdy, and busy life together! You'll find many cosplay related things here such as photos and tutorials, more information about us, and more! 


New costumes and photos from Dragon Con 2014 will be posted soon! I'm just waiting for photos to come back to me from shoots that we did!


Tons of new photos have been added! I've gotten behind on updating!
Dolce - Sakizou Artwork
Cristina - Assassin's Creed 2
Ezio - Assassin's Creed 2
Vanille - Final Fantasy XIII
Snow - Final Fantasy XIII


New costume galleries added!
* Alice's Royal Suit Dress from American McGee's Alice: The Madness Returns
* Female Wizard "Heart of Imagine" costume set from Granado Espada


Katsucon has passed, and we have lots of new photos and costumes to share with everyone! Many updates to come! Upcoming events has also been updated.

Here's a preview photo of my new Alice costume by Sweet Senstation Photography!


New costume galleries finally added!
Dolce - Sakizo Artwork
Hatsune Miku - Love is War
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider


New photos added for:
Sorceress Ultimecia


Added a new costume gallery:
Sorceress Ultimecia from Final Fantasy 8 (costume re-make)


I added two new costume galleries! Cristina and Ezio from Assassin's Creed 2!

I will be adding a new gallery for my re-made Sorceress Ultimecia soon as I get more photos back from photographers!

Also I added a new tutorial:


Neon Genocide and I are back from Katsucon (since uh..last weekend!), and we have 3 new cosplays to share! For now, you can see some previews on my Cosplay Facebook! I will be getting things updated here shortly!


Please visit my Etsy Shop!
I've opened a small shop on Etsy for costumes and custom accessories. I'm new to this and just starting out, so my shop is still pretty empty!

I also added some new photos:

Earl Grey

Added new costumes:

Fan Art Catra - She-ra Princess of Power
Daenerys Targaryen - Game of Thrones
Aya Brea - The 3rd Birthday
Original design Kimono dress - made for



All characters cosplayed are copyright to their respective owners.
Please don't steal my stuff! If you would like to use a photo for something please ask me first at:


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