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Character: "Piyoko" - Pyocola Analogue III
Source: Di Gi Charat
This was a planned costume with Pixiekitty. Me and Pixiekitty started talking about Digi charat one day and she had always wanted to do Deijeko. She showed me Piyoko and asked me about doing this costume, and when I saw Piyoko I really liked the costume and how cute she was. I don't do many cute and frilly things! The Fabric is hand dyed to get the gray stripes and the pantaloons were hand dyed to a grayish color. This costume is so cute and I really enjoy wearing it. The first time I wore it however, I had borrowed a wig and the second time I had to use my real hair. I don't really like "normal hair" cosplays much but I think my hair was really cute for it. One day when I remember to purchase one, I will get a cute wig for this.

♥ Dejiko -- Pixiekitty
♥ Rabien Rose -- Amazonmandy

Photo Credit: Lionel
--Otakon 2008

Photo Credit: David NG
--Otakon 2008

Photo Credit: LJinto
--Anime USA 2008

Photo Credit: The Dreamer World
--Anime USA 2008

Photo Credit: Popecerebus
--Anime USA 2008