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Character: Morrigan Aensland
Source: Darkstalkers
This was a planned costume with Pixiekitty, with her as Lilith Aensland. We worked closely together, using the same ideas on construction that was pixiekittys idea. We bought the same fabrics and wanted these to match as much as possible. These were small nightmares to make. It seemed like everything went wrong but it all somehow worked out nicely. When they were completed we were both so happy that they worked and stayed together. Pixiekitty made my feather trim as she did hers as well and the wig was a white wig that she had custom colored with various colors of sharpie that was for a previous costume of hers but she never used. I wore both pair of tights for her to paint the bats on. I learned a lot from making this costume. It was hard and challenging. But I love the way they both turned out. I chose to do the more purple version of Morrigan. I liked it better. I finally got a new wig for Otakon 2008 and its Gorgeous.

Photo Credit: SolarTempest

Photo Credit: David NG

Photo Credit: Eurobeatking

Photo Credit: Lionel

Photo Credit: i360

photo Credit: refractorproductions