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♥ -Welcome to Aria, Catsiy's personal cosplay site. I might Occasionally post up art or other things. Thanks to, my host, my friend, the wonderful Pixiekitty- ♥

♥ --Please contact me if you find any broken links at Catsiy15@yahoo.com-- ♥

♥ -Updates- ♥


Finally! Updates XD Updated in-progress. And working on uploading new photos and new costumes. Making a new layout and Working on updating the About me section and Exit Sections in the next few days.


I updated the completed images and in-progress. I have been too busy to make the pages for Suigintou, Yuna, Shanoa and Cyber Kimono. I will try my best to get these up soon.


-Two new costumes added. Kagamine Rin from Vocaloid 2, Piyoko from Digi Charat. All Photos soon to be up. New personal photos and New link in banners.


-New Layout made by me, Sliced by Pixiekitty.


-Updates on the In-progress page and Completed pages. Added Emeralda Kasim from Xenogears and Morrigan and Lilith shoot done by Ronin Photography


-More updates on the In-progress page.


-Added Personal photos in the About me section. Added the Morrigan and Lilith Photoshoots from David NG and Solartempest.


-Added New costume Morrigan Aensland. New 2008 Costume plan page. Added my 2008 Convention Schedule. New link in banners. Some new links out. Added past layout page. Added Cosplay resouces page.


-New Layout! This time made by me!With much help from a friend.
Almost every part of the site has been updated